Monday, February 6, 2012

Tools #6

I have chosen Wallwisher and Skype in the classroom.

I feel Wallwisher would be a good tool for communitcation among the students in my classroom for many different activities.  I have posted a sticky note on my wall and used it as a tool to discuss our read aloud book in our class.  I have asked the students to predict what will happen next in our book titled Ruby Slippers.

We are going to use Skype in February to communicate face to face with a Naturalist from the Houston Arboretum as a connection with our Life Science unit.  We plan to have her go out into the field and have the kids be able to talk and ask questions with her to add some hands on aspects to our study.  We also hope to communicate with another class on a separate continent, for the kids to see different biomes and relationships between the animals on the North American and their continent.

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