Friday, February 10, 2012

Tool #7

Collaborative Project with Mrs. Nichols K class

Content Objective
Given specific animals, TLW teach another class specific characteristics about the habitats and biomes the animals live in, and the food chains and food webs of these animals.

By the end of the school year - May 2012

Tools To Use
Internet for research
Skype in the Classroom

Kindergarten students show 4th graders what they have learned about specific animals.

4th graders know the animals ahead of time and research to find the following information to teach the Kindergarten class.
1. Biomes
2. Habitats
3. Food chains and food webs for the animals

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  1. What about having the 4th grade students actually Skyping with some scientists/biologists/zoologists? Wonder if there is someone at the zoo they could contact and Skype with to get information on habitats? Or, wonder if there is a high school student or two...