Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tool #9

1. It is important to tie the technology to the objective, so that the students actually have a purpose in using it with each assignment.  If my students can see a true purpose in their learning, they will take it seriously with the devices and also enjoy what they are doing as they work on given assignments.  I want the kids to enjoy the new devices, and understand that any technology can be used in learning where appropriate.

2. The students should be help accountable for their work in stations, so that they will take it seriously. Assignments in technology can be just as important as other types of assignments. I have found that if there is not a purpose in learning, some students won't take it as seriously as another assignment that they know they would be held accountable for in the end.

3. I liked the 2 sites below.

Interactivate - There are activities/games that will help the kids to practice their facts.  So many kids get bored with studying their facts, so I am always trying to find more exciting ways to encourage them to continue practicing their facts.

Tenmarks -  One option on this site is tutorials.  If the students are working on a skill in an individual station, and they get stuck/confused, checking out a tutorial is helpful until I can get to them and help them more.  I think it is also good, because it allows the kids to see skills taught in different ways.

I could hold the kids accountable by having them generate some kind of report that they have to turn into me.

4. Apps for ipod/ipad
IMovie - This would be fun for the kids to use in language arts for their book clubs.  It could be used as a culmintaing activity and the students could act out the main events in sequence from their book club with their classmates.  The actual movie would be what would be graded and show proof of participation for accountability.

Arithmetik - Allows the kids to practice their math facts and work on their speed.  For this one, I would have the students track their time for each round  they need to complete during the activity.

5. Brainpop- Use in social studies to review a skill.  The kids could record their answers that they entered into the quizzes that are taken for the accountability part of it.

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  1. Amy, you are so right! There has to be an objective other than a 'technology recess' and they must be held accountable for their stations and the safety and maintenance of their devices while they are in their possession!