Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tool #11

1. My students will use the itouches and ipads to take pictures of items around our campus that show different types of angles and lines.  The students will work with a partner in our class to collaborate as they take pictures.  Then, they will work with a student from another class to collaborate on a way to make a presentation of the pictures they found.  To be able to work on the project at different times, the students will probably use Google Apps.

2. I am excited to incorporate this technology into many areas of activities in our curriculum. Being able to collaborate with others be it student to student or educator to educator is a fun way to enhance our learning. New guidelines will be put in place in our classroom so that all of this new technology will be taken care of in a responsible way.

3. There were not any unexpected outcomes that surprised me.  I knew I would be learning more about technilogy, and that is exactly what happened during the 11 Tools program.

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  1. Amy...Congratulations upon finishing 11 Tools...and I am so sorry the library now has OLD technology....no cameras on the generation iTouches and this foiled your plans...a very good plan, I might add!!!!