Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tool 8

I learned when using the itouches, they will "go to sleep" after a certain amount of time passes, if they are not being used for some kind of activity.

I also learned that you can organize your apps in order of importance. If there are apps that are not used very often, then you can push them back into the later pages that show all the apps.  So, they are still there, but not taking up space in the front with the apps used most often.

I can also find apps within the SBISD website.  That is very helpful!

Management of Devices:
1. There will be agreements that the students must follow to care for these new devices and each student will sign an agreement.  This will also be sent home to the parents, so that they are aware of what is expected of the child when using them.

2. Technology helpers - These students will be responsible to for making sure all devices have been plugged back in at the end of each day and let me know of any problems.

3. I would like to assign in some way a number or code that applies to each child, so that they know which one to use, or some kind of schedule for use, when they are used for any kind of free time.  Of course when they are using them in stations of any kind, then a specific set of students would be using them at specific times.

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  1. Great and logical planning for the use of your devices...the onus is put on the students back and I think parents must be informed also...not all homes are "equal" in teaching responsibility. Your class has always been responsible in the library when you have used technology... the entire class and independent study!