Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tool #4

I can use these tools in Google Apps to send something that I am thinking of using with the kids and have my colleagues comment of it, before I put it to a final copy.  This is easy for us to see everyone's comments and get help from each other.

I could use this with my students by having them type a paper and then have them work on editing and revising their own and each other's papers. I can also have them submit something to me, and I can comment on it as well. They always love to hear from their teacher. :)

I think I am excited about using Google Apps for the kids to create documents and presentations to be able to work collaboratively.  I also think it would be fun for them to be able to get on the computer at home and do some work on documents using this.


  1. You think you are excited about Google Docs? Good for you...I know you will have them using them routinely soon!

  2. I think you might want to have students share all of their docs with you so you can see and be involved! What about Forms? I think it would be great to have a student survey at the beginning of the year using Forms as well as quizzes and surveys throughout the year. Such an easy interface. I think students could also create forms to collect and then analyze data.