Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool #2

A point that stood out for me on the Commenting Advice was that you could interact with other people's comments. I have not done this before, but I have read when other people have gone back and forth on a blog. I guess with an educational blog that would be beneficial when you see a post that relates to your teaching and be able to comment and get information that will help with whatever topic is being discussed at that time.

I did not apply any advice in my comments. I just showed appreciate about what I had read on their blog that interested me.

I don't love sharing my thoughts publicly with the world to see.

Yes, it was different that sharing with my teammates, because I don't know the person who writes the blog.  I don't share much with people I don't know. I would rather share my successes and challenges with my teammates.

I saw one blog that was Educator's PLN, that looked interesting, as it looked like many people made posts to it, so I could potentially learn from teachers in all different grade levels.


  1. Amy, you are not alone in your reluctance to post your thoughts/feelings on the WEB.You are "in-line" with others who are comfortable posting to known entities, like fellow teammates.

  2. I was a "lurker" for a while before I started commenting. :-) Many times it was just a simple Thanks! or Great idea! Now I have gotten better and am more willing to share my twist on the idea or ask for further clarification. Today, so much of it seems to be about "resharing" what you've found - for example retweeting and pinning. Guess that is how ideas get shared, from one "web" of people to the next...