Monday, January 23, 2012

Tool #3

I visited many sites and the ones I found most useful were Blinkx and Teacher Tube.  Blinkx showed many choices from so many different websites, and I did not have to spend time searching each site for a specific topic.  This site searched and found the different websites I could choose from, that had ideas of videos, for the topic I was looking for at the time.

I also found Teacher Tube to be beneficial because it was focused more on curriculum across subjects and the teachers had posted their own videos about their curriculum.

Copyright and fair use is a serious component when I am working on research or the students are researching to find information. I did not know that we could not copy entire works or images and post them to the general public.  I thought that as long as you sited where it came from, then you would be just fine.  I also learned that when finding items to use in my teaching, it is best to put them in a secure location, so that I always have them to use in all of my teaching, and I have a little more freedom for creating items for a lesson. It all still needs to be appropriate for the level of  learning and teaching going on in the classroom.

I really like Dropbox.  I can use it anywhere and it makes some things easier.  If I need to do some work at home, all I have to do it put the file in Dropbox and then access it on my home computer.  That way I would not have to take home my work laptop.  I can see using it with my students by putting homework on it and then having them access it at home.  I guess then, I would have to have the kids create their won account, so that they could access it. I can also put an assignment in it for a class activity or station activity, and then the kids can access it to complete the activity.

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  1. Love Dropbox too! Copyright is a color wheel of shades of grey and more grey!Just cementing that one fact is groundbreaking!